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Who is The Country Road Chef

Well, here at The Country Road Chef we're are thankful for bringing the concept of homestyle comfort food with a smoked element and a specific way of doing thing to the community who deserves incredible dishes. Sustainability is key and sourcing from lead professionals who take pride and passion in their craft in order to always deliver an astounding product. It is our belief to

"Be the salt of the Earth" 


Meet The Chef

Chef Chuck Frizado 

WIth over 20 years of professional culinary experience and a work ethic that has propelled him into being the premier chef for many who have dined with him. He is the driving force behind The Country Road Chef and is constantly elevating his craft to exceed all expectations. He uses a custom one of a kind smoker, that consequently him and his father built together for this very purpose.  Chef Chuck's dedication to sustainability, proper sourcing, and commitment to his community has allowed him to earn the trust of many guests, who always love his offerings.

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